Grouped under the “Tables Barrière” label, Barrière restaurants offer a wide range of unique culinary experiences.

Pleasure & Modernity

From light bites to exceptional meals, Barrière dining is its second largest area of expertise in terms of turnover, with restaurants in every casino and hotel, whether it's Michelin-starred, bistro-style, a café or a gastronomic brasserie. Its 140 establishments all come under the Tables Barrière label, which encompasses a vast range of unique culinary experiences where pleasures of the palate resonate in a festive setting.


The "Barrière Tables" operate under five golden rules, closely followed by our Chefs:
    - A commitment to the consistency of quality and the authenticity of the products, whatever the dish;
    - An intransigence on the traceability and freshness of the products;
    - A state of mind, simplicity for clear menus and direct communication;
    - Attention, but above all empathy and listening for all customers, however different they may be;
    - All for a shared quest for pleasure!


An address for every occasion


Tables Barrière invite you to discover an entire range of culinary emotions.


The Café des Sports, where you can eat at any hour, is fun and relaxed, welcoming casino customers with an atmosphere that buzzes with televised sport. The Café Barrière meanwhile offers a buffet-style cuisine in a laid-back setting and contemporary décor where customers can serve themselves.


Finally, chic brasseries such as the Brummel in Deauville, the Café de la Grande Plage in Biarritz, or the renovated traditional restaurant the Winstub in Niederbronn, complete this array of gourmet delights.


The iconic restaurants Fouquet’s or the Pavillon in Le Touquet each have a Michelin star. A top Parisian hotspot since it was founded in 1899, Fouquet’s has created an original fusion between brasserie and gastronomy. The standard-bearer for the French art of living, the Fouquet’s brand has expanded to Cannes, La Baule, Toulouse, Marrakech, Courchevel and Enghien-Les-Bains, Montreux and early 2020 in Abu Dhabi. In 2014, Barrière invited multi-Michelin-starred chef Pierre Gagnaire to add a new twist to the menu. The great classics of gastronomic brasserie cuisine have found a new lease of life, following the example of Merlan Colbert.


The taste of novelty


Listening to the needs of customers, Barrière is constantly working on new concepts. At the Hotel Barrière Les Neiges, the first Barrière opening in the mountains, an original and innovative concept is offered to customers: the BFIRE. Regional products revisited in the brazier, Argentinian and Italian flavors. Mauro Colagreco, three-star chef and head of the Best Restaurant in the World in 2019, imagined this generous and tasty cuisine. The name of the concept evokes Asado, an Argentinian grill technique, as well as the fireplaces which provide a warm and friendly atmosphere. For moments of sharing in a typical mountain chalet setting. Following the success of this first opening, Barrière duplicated this concept in 2019 on the Beach of the Hotel Barrière Le Majestic Cannes to offer an experience that is both gastronomic and fun, but this time facing the sea, in a natural and friendly setting.

For the first Barrière Gambling Club, the Group wanted a catering offer that lived up to the legendary place that stood there in its time. Imagined by Christophe Adam, famous pastry chef, creator or even artistic director, the 'Dépôt Légal' - third address under this name - is therefore installed at the Club Barrière Paris 104 Champs-Elysées and offers fresh and relaxed cuisine for players and non-players.


Committed to responsible cuisine


Tables Barrière favour local, seasonal produce, and employ a responsible development model in social and environmental terms. This commitment intensified after COP21 with the creation of 'Good for the Climate' menus.


These high standards can also be found in the workshops of the catering service, Traiteur Barrière. Cooks, butchers, vegetable growers, fishmongers and pastry chefs deliver 600,000 covers per year, during events at Barrière sites or during prestigious operations, such as the centenary of the First World War organized by the UNESCO in Biarritz, the G20 in Dinard and all the major events in Deauville.


Since 2016, the strategic alignment with MomaGroup, which owns Kaspia Réception and Kardamone Réception, is reinforcing this high-quality service and aims to create the leading integrated events organiser.

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