Games, shows and restaurants: Barrière, the uncontested French casino leader, is constantly reinventing itself.

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With new games, shows and restaurants, Barrière, the uncontested French casino leader, is constantly reinventing itself. Its ever expanding range of leisure activities is now available around the world.


With five of its casinos ranked in the top 6 in France, including the Casino Barrière Enghien-les-Bains, Barrière now has 33 venues in total, including a Gambling Club, and is the leader in France. 


Situated in the heart of iconic seaside and spa resorts, top tourist attractions and major cities, the casinos now play an essential role in furthering the economic and cultural reputation of their local community. Now offering three locations in Switzerland, two in Egypt and one on the Ivory Coast, Barrière is expanding internationally to export its expertise and continue to grow.


Innovation and tradition combine to create new thrills for players with Video Poker, Punto Banco, Black Jack, traditional and electronic roulette, as well as slot machines.


Comprising in excess of 6,000 slot machines, the fleet is regularly renewed. With more than 500 electronic games and more than 250 table games, Groupe Barrière is the leading network in terms of gross gaming revenue, always ready to adapt to the latest trands. 



A variety of fun activities, guaranteed


Barrière is continuing to expand rapidly in the entertainment industry. Bustling with life, the casinos are multi-purpose leisure and activity complexes. Presenting events such as concerts, one-man shows, plays, dance performances and cabarets, nearly 3,500 events and shows take place every year under the "Scènes Barrière" label. 


Meeting the needs of all with sports events shown on giant screens, lounge areas, traditional brasserie dishes, snacks and signature cocktails, the "Tables Barrière" restaurants offer a vibrant ambiance for all players.



Mixing creativity and modernity


Innovation naturally means considerable investment. Since 2013, Barrière has invested nearly €400 million in the renovation of its establishments, including several casinos. The most recent ones include Saint-Raphaël, Biarritz, Niederbronn, Menton and Sainte-Maxime, which are now more spacious and more modern, with an increasingly innovative entertainment offering.


Developed since the beginning in Deauville, the Resort concept aims to bring together a hotel, sports, theatre, and well-being with gaming. This idea was given an innovative twist in Lille and Ribeauvillé with all the Group's activities being combined within a single, ultra-modern, light-filled building.


To ensure gaming is always fun, Barrière has addressed the issue of excessive gambling. The Group has created a comprehensive, innovative and unique approach to preventing and assisting with gambling addiction. With its specially developed policy, "Enjoy Responsible Gaming" Barrière presents an alternative way of keeping the excitement alive.

Online gaming


Since 2020, Barrière has accelerated its digital strategy, also expanding into the world of online gaming. 


During 2020, the group launched its BarrièreBet platform, of which Blaise Matuidi is ambassador. Designed to meet the needs and expectations of a new generation of customer, BarrièreBet was imagined as a genuine community, where sports fans could get together to celebrate the most wonderful sporting victories. Available online and via an app, BarrièreBet currently provides an online gaming offering of sports bets, as well as content, editorial and challenges for sports enthusiasts.


At the start of 2022, Casino Barrière Montreux launched its online casino platform, GAMRFIRST.CH. This new offering allows Swiss residents to continue or discover the Casino Barrière online gaming experience. It features around a hundred games across 4 different categories, (slot machines, video poker, electronic table games and live casino, which are realtime table games). 


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