Hôtel Barrière Le Royal La Baule: a view over the Atlantic

Spruced up by decorator Chantal Peyrat in 2015, the flagship Hôtel Barrière Le Royal La Baule is now over one hundred years old.

In La Baule, one of Europe's most spectacular seaside destinations, Hôtel Barrière Le Royal La Baule overlooks the ocean. Spruced up by decorator Chantal Peyrat in 2015, this flagship is now over one hundred years old. The extraordinary old salt is now shipshape and ready to sail anew.


Two monumental blocks of salt, two natural sculptures reminiscent of a crow's nest, tower over guests in the lobby of Le Royal. Called on to revisit Le Royal from keel to mast, Chantal Peyrat imbued the hotel with the local spirit.


A pearly soft light


The hotel's vision was generations ahead of its time. With this building, François André uncovered a rare jewel with a view over the bay. As a loyal Ardèche inhabitant, the founder of Barrière was well aware of the power of one's roots. He drew a certain flavour and light from the salt marshes.


One century later, a maritime spirit runs through the hotel's 72 rooms and 15 suites. A pearly softness with a rustic edge, the light decoration is scattered with touches of blue, yellow and beige. This colour scheme serves to further the feeling of well-being.


The hypnotic Atlantic


As the day wears on, the sea harmoniously blends into the sky on the horizon. At Thalasso & Spa Diane Barrière Le Royal by Thalgo, the baths change colour during chromotherapy sessions. Each variation awakens a new sensation.


An Atlantic experience


The beach comes alive with the sight of navy-blue jumpers and the sound of clacking parasols. While the Resort is dedicated to sophrology, shiatsu and foot reflexology. The Royal Health Club looks out over the bay, offering a heated saltwater pool, aqua slimming treatments, jacuzzi, saunas and hammams.


Standing strong and unweathered


Breton in its very soul, La Baule resists the passing of time, marked only by the regular tempo of the tides. In a place dedicated to bathing, fishing and delicious seafood, Le Royal looks out majestically from the headland. The two crow's nests in the entrance hall are guardians of a spirit.

Le Royal La Baule

Comfort & Bliss

A break by the sea