Barrière presents - A joyful approach

As part of its corporate social responsibility policy and its commitment to disability inclusion, both internally, and with the associations it supports, Barrière has pledged to help to fair trade restaurants, Café Joyeux. The Group is now offering organic ”Café Joyeux” coffee to its hotel guests, in a bid to promote inclusion.

Having already been committed for several years to helping those with disabilities as part of its «United for Disabled Talent» approach, its micro-donations campaign, and the «Comme les Autres» association, Groupe Barrière is investing in this new social initiative following a joyful encounter between Dominique Desseigne and Yann Bucaille-Lanrezac, founder of Café Joyeux. The aim: to put disability at the heart of our cities and our lives. Bowled over by the project, Barrière’s CEO was keen to get involved in its promotion, both to improve the Group’s social impact, and to encourage its employees to change their views with regards disability.

Striving to improve employment opportunities for those with disabilities, in 2019, Groupe Barrière and its social partners signed a 4th Group agreement aiming to encourage recruitment of disabled workers, retaining disabled employees, developing the partnership with disability-friendly companies and galvanising the Group’s social approach.

With this in mind, the collaboration with Café Joyeux makes total sense; an inspiring social entreprise that trains and employs people with Down Syndrome or cognitive disorders (for the most part) such as autism, in mainstream businesses. Founded in 2017, its value creation focuses solely on disability (in all its forms) inclusion, to make disability visible and encourage new encounters through our differences.

By leaving these joyful capsules (biodegradable and compostable) in every Room, along with a presentation of the project, Groupe Barrière provides its support and aid in developing Café Joyeux. The social entreprise reinvests 100% of profits earned through its coffee sales by opening new outlets. Today, there are 5 Café Joyeux in Paris, Rennes and Bordeaux, which employ 51 people who have mental illness or cognitive disability.

In France, 700,000 people are diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum, and 65,000 have Down’s Syndrome. They are two to three times more likely to be unemployed than the rest of the population, which is why the Group is so proud to be involved with the Café Joyeux project.