The Fondation Barrière

The Fondation Barrière, which supports contemporary artistic creation and distribution, illustrates Barrière's cultural commitment for almost 25 years.

The Fondation Barrière and its commitment to artistic creation

Barrière is intimately linked to the worlds of art and culture. Presided by Joy Desseigne-Barrière, the Fondation Barrière has demonstrated its commitment to culture for almost 25 years by supporting the creation and distribution of contemporary art. 


Created by Diane Barrière and Dominique Desseigne in 1999, the Fondation Barrière is dedicated to cultural patronage, and aims to further the quality of writing in the worlds of film and theatre.



"From writing... to the screen and the stage"


Each year since 2000, the corporate foundation has awarded the "From writing... to the screen and the stage" prize for these two major art forms. The aim? To encourage the emergence of new talents and to support the distribution of works. For the first category, candidates must present a feature-length film that is a complete original work; for the second, a dramatic work written in French.



Recognising talent

Barrière also encourages creation through raising awareness among industry professionals such as producers, distributors, theatre directors, and film-makers. Each of the panels of judges is made up of a dozen well-known major industry figures with very high standards. In 2023, Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar, chairman of the Film Panel, was notably supported by Alice Taglioni, Bruno Chiche, Michael Cohen, Audrey Dana. The Theatre included Sébastien Thiéry - actor and playwright, Raphaëline Goupilleau - actress, Stéphane Guérin - playwright, Blandine Harmelin - Barrière artistic director, Éric Laugérias - actor, screenwriter, director and stage director, Anne Loiret - actress, Didier Long - actor and stage director, Raphaël Personnaz - French actor, Monique Younès - journalist, Alexie Ribes, actress, alongside Joy Desseigne-Barrière - President of the Foundation.


To top it all off? Prize money to the tune of €31,000: €8,000 for the winner, and €23,000 for the promotion of his or her work. Thirty-seven projects have benefited from the Foundation's support to date ( 20 in film, 17 in theatre).


  • In 2023, Jeanne Herry was awarded the Film Prize for directing her 3rd feature-length film "Je verrai toujours vos visages" starring Adèle Exarchopoulos, Leïla Bekhti,  Gilles Lellouche, Miou-Miou.
  • The Theatre Prize was given to Côme de Bellescize for his play "Mondial Placard". Mondial Placard is a comedy about gender equality, based on interviews with women working in the corporate world.

Selection terms and conditions

Applications should be sent to the Corporate Foundation by the deadline stated in article 5, where they will be examined by the Corporate Foundation steering committee, comprising industry professionals who pre-screen applications. The term ‘applicant’ refers to the author himself or herself, or to somebody they have instructed to act on their behalf, or on the behalf of the work submitted. Submitting work does not guarantee receipt of the award.


It is expressly stated that any work considered pornographic, seen to be advocating violence, or of a racist, blasphemous, sexist or homophobic nature will be ineligible for consideration.


The Committee also rejects any application that does not include the following elements or which fails to meet the general entry requirements, as follows:


  • The film must either be written mostly in French and/or concern a French theme
  • Applicants must not have previously released more than 3 films to the general public
  • Applicants must be able to provide proof of the submitted film’s production and distribution schedule, as the film must be released at the latest during the twelve months following the jury’s decision.
  • Application pre-screenings are subject to the overall approval of Juries comprising professionals in the Theatre or Cinema industry, depending on the category.
  • It is hereby stated that the jury reserves the right to not award this prize if none of the work submitted is deemed a worthy recipient, in every category.
  • Finally, candidates agree that as the application process is free of charge, the documents included in the application will not be returned by the steering committee unless applicants cover delivery costs themselves. 

How to apply in the Cinema category

In order to enter the competition, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • To submit an original, finished feature film. Remakes, new cuts, translations and adaptations are not eligible, though theatre and literary adaptations will be accepted
  • To be the director-screenwriter or director and co-screenwriter of the audio-visual work submitted
  • To  submit a film that must be at most, the director’s third public release 
  • To  not already benefit from national and/or international fame. Applicants may, however, have achieved professional recognition 
  • To submit a French-language film and/or film that the CNC recognises as being a French production
  • To submit a film which is due to be released by the end of this calendar year

The application, submitted by the artist or their production team, must contain the following elements: 

  • A signed application form, available from the contact cited at the end of this document.
  • A version of the film, whether a master version or not, calibrated or not, or a copy of the film reel so that the steering Committee is able to hold a private screening 
  • A copy of the screenplay 
  • A synopsis
  • The principal cast list 
  • Introductions to the principal crewmembers (composer, director of photography, casting director…) 
  • An introduction to the type of production (general characteristics), distribution and promotions contracts.

Application calendar and terms and conditions

Applications may be sent to the steering committee throughout the year. The committee will consider each application as it is received and if deemed appropriate, submit it for the general approval of the jury. When the jury has selected a film to receive the award, the application period for that year will be considered closed. ‘Year’ should be interpreted to mean calendar year. 

Applications should be sent to the address below:


Fondation d’Entreprise Barrière
33 rue d'Artois
75008 Paris


Only complete applications containing all required information will be considered.

The jury will make its decision during the calendar year, if a film has been deemed worthy of receiving the award. The award will be given in accordance with the winning film’s distribution and promotions calendar, a required part of the application.

How to apply in the Theatre category

In order to enter the competition, playwrights must meet the following criteria:

  •  Submit a play written in the French language, 
  •  To have had no more than three plays professionally staged in your career, 
  •  To be able to prove a significant programme of theatrical works taking place in the venue where the play will be staged. The play’s premiere must take place after the 15th of August, by which date the jury will have made its decision, and at the latest before the end of the next season (minimum of 20 dates, including tours).
  • Only original plays as defined in articles L111-1 following the code of literary and artistic propriety will be eligible. Any work as defined in article L112-3 will be ineligible, except for adaptations of literary fiction.
  •  Also ineligible are plays as defined by article L113-2, which will hereafter be referred to as collaborative or collectively devised. It is hereby stated that the authors of a collaborative play will be considered as a single entity, and that, should they receive the prize, the play’s authors or whomsoever is acting on their behalf must share the prize money amongst themselves. 
  • It is also stated that the original play submitted to the Corporate Foundation may have already been performed for the public as part of a festival, showcase or professional read-through. 


The application, submitted by the author or the production team putting on the play, must contain the following elements: 

  • A completed application form, available from the contact cited at the end of this document 
  • A copy of the script 
  • The title of the play 
  • The type of team (general characteristics) putting on the production 
  • The theatre or theatres where the play will be staged, including the exact number of performances and dates. Please include paper copies of any bookings agreed in principle 
  •  The names of the planned director and planned principal cast members


Application calendar and terms and conditions

Applications must be sent by the deadline as stated below, to be verified by the postmark, in accordance with the terms outlined in article 4, to the following address:


Fondation d’Entreprise Barrière
33 rue d'Artois
75008 Paris


Only completed applications containing all the required information will be considered.

The Jury will make a decision by the end of June the following year at the latest, subject to a play being chosen to receive the prize. The prize-giving will take place in accordance with the release or promotion calendar of the play receiving the award, a required part of the application.

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