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The charter forms the very foundation of the Barrière culture and illustrates the behaviour and attitude adopted by all of the Group's employees

At Barrière, excellent customer service is a priority. This means high standards and unfailing commitment, which take on tangible form in a charter of values. This charter forms the very foundation of the Barrière culture and illustrates the behaviour and attitude adopted by all of its employees to ensure that its guests receive the utmost attention.


Our employees commit to meet a number of aims on an everyday basis: putting the guest at the centre of our concerns, innovating to provide bespoke services, working with team spirit and professionalism, and reaching the very highest standards of the French art of living of which Barrière is an ambassador. These tasks are all outlined in the Barrière's six values.





As the fundamental cornerstone, this key value is continually put into practice by all employees. They all show themselves to be responsible for their actions and reliable under any circumstances. They work efficiently with the aim of obtaining the best result and upholding the Barrière's high standards.



Love for the customer


At Barrière, the customer is the most important person: everything is put into place so that he or she feels at home in the establishments. Guests enjoy constant attention to ensure that their every need is anticipated. To ensure this excellence, employees must be welcoming, attentive and ready to listen, but above all they must be able to form a warm rapport with the guests and show them generosity while remaining discreet to ensure they fully enjoy the Barrière experience.





So as to improve its quality of service, the Barrière teams cultivate an attitude of innovation on a day-to-day basis. This innovative spirit takes the form of open-mindedness and anticipation of change. Imagination, creativity, daring, a thirst for learning and the desire to break new ground are some of the qualities cultivated by all employees.



Team spirit


The Barrière's strength lies in the unity of its teams. This calls for solidarity, mutual assistance, communication and trust. Employees exchange their points of view and share their skills to obtain optimal synergy. The aim? To work together in order to succeed.





Barrière's success is a result of its unique know-how. It is essential to preserve this French art of living formed of tradition and elegance. In being responsible for ensuring the quality of service given to guests, employees respect this spirit in their work and demonstrate exemplary conduct. Cultivating this heritage is a priority for each and every one of them.





To ensure that its teams work to the best of their ability, Barrière prides itself on combining the professional environment with pleasure. It strives to ensure that its working conditions and environments are gratifying. Employees are also responsible for contributing to this enthusiasm by demonstrating cheerfulness and creating a fun, friendly atmosphere. Closely-knit and enthusiastic: a winning combination for effective teamwork.



United by their shared values and common goals, Barrière employees help to further its reputation and ensure its success.

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