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Receptionists, croupiers, chefs, chambermaids, beauticians, lifeguards... Do you have unique expertise? If so, we have an opportunity for you

Barrière’s success can be attributed to the unique savoir-faire embodied by its co-workers. Receptionists, croupiers, commis chefs, chambermaids, spa professionnals and lifeguards… All share the same desire to serve guests and provide them with a unique experience. 50 different careers, 1 single state of mind.



Casinos - bringing passion to the game

Providing unique entertainment in various legendary destinations. Creating magic moments based upon luck and excitement. Day after day, employees put their expertise to great use in making these the leading casinos in France.

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Hospitality - ensuring exemplary service

Providing the warmest welcome possible in an elegant, yet comfortable setting. Satisfying every desire with access to a wide variety of decadent delights. Bringing an unforgettable experience to life in beautiful surroundings… Barrière employees use their expertise to make the customer experience special.

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Dining - producing innovative cuisine

Providing flawless service and quality meals. Creating classic menus with a twist. Making it an unforgettable experience. From snacks to à la carte eating, from the brasserie to the Michelin starred restaurant… Every day, employees serve Barrière guests unique cuisine to delight the senses.

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Leisure & Well-being - tailored service for the individual

Play ball... on the tennis courts or beautifully maintained green. Relax and lose all track of time - Barrière employees help customers to do exactly this and escape the daily grind. From golf to tennis and spa treatments, the Group reserves a special place for careers in leisure and well-being.

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Functional careers - assuring the Group's efficiency and performance

Rarely do we realise the diversity of ‘functional’ careers, essential to the smooth running of operational services... These are the roles behind the scenes, so to speak!

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Job descriptions and employment opportunities can be found on Barrière Recruitment.

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50 different careers, one single state of mind