Our HR policy

Barrière has put together an ambitious HR policy to assist its employees, who cover 50 different professions.

Commitment & Guidance

To nurture potential, enhance expertise and encourage development, Barrière has put together an ambitious HR policy to assist its employees, who cover 50 different professions. Its aim: to make them all proud to belong to Barrière.


All Barrière employees are driven by a passion to serve. They are united by a single way of thinking and six unifying values. Professionalism and Team Spirit are essential qualities needed to join Barrière, and excellence must be a shared ambition. While the skills expected vary according to their profession, Barrière is looking first and foremost for men and women who share the desire to delight colleagues and guests alike.


This means that today all employees, regardless of their role, share one goal: to encourage customer loyalty. With this aim in mind, it constantly strives to anticipate changes in its professions.



Continuously changing roles


Barrière brings together more than 50 professions across the hotel, restaurant, casino, entertainment and well-being industries.

The Barrière's professions have experienced great change and have been reinvented as the company and guests' needs have evolved. Today, customer relations and gaining customer loyalty are an integral part of the service sector. All Barrière employees, regardless of their position, must be concerned with customer service and anticipate guests' needs. In particular, this strategic position involves the implementation of digital services (applications, loyalty scheme and card) that require new technical skills.


The Human Resources department works hard to follow these trends by helping and guiding employees. It therefore offers training programmes focusing on skills acquisition and/or job changes.



Guiding employees


Career progression and development are at the heart of the Human Resources policy. Barrière aims to give all employees the keys to achieving their dream career and to ensure they progress harmoniously.

As soon as they are hired, all new employees receive a comprehensive induction programme which acquaints them with the history, culture and Barrière's strategy.


All employees on permanent and temporary contracts also have access to an internal careers website so that everyone can progress and fully embrace their role at every stage in their career, offering career progression, opportunities for mobility and career changes.



Professional fulfilment and quality of life


The professional fulfilment of employees is a priority for Barrière. As part of its responsible employer approach, it has established several focuses: to create optimal working conditions, to develop talent, to practise responsible management and to encourage diversity. These commitments have been made so that everyone can find their place and proudly represent its values.


No matter what their role, no matter how long they have been working there, everyone plays a part in its success. It is therefore Barrière's hope that its employees will become genuine ambassadors.  

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