Lifting the veil

Drapes: creating subtle décors, day and night.

Décors and furniture, curtains and weaves fine: interior design is the fabric of time. Through epochs and dynasties into our modern age, in the great book of History, patterns mark every page. Shrouding humanity in peace and in war, technical prowess for millennia and more, a weave of desires, taste and colours galore… Your words tell me some things, but your drapes tell me more. The weight of a weave once determined its fee. As thick and as stiff as a plump bumblebee, plucked up by a gale and cast into the wind. Like the sad off-white drapery, nylon window-pane veils twixt the 50s and 70s, which have since then been binned. Theatre to bedroom; curtains are Soul. The light is the real essence of their role… In-out, night-day, they create atmospheres: a cool breath of sea air, mountain chalet or a chic-urban lair. “Play on with your drapes”, a voice a century old calls: Barrière draped in velvet, veils its walls, furniture, restaurants, beach clubs, outdoors. In Deauville, the Normandy’s rooms sport toile de Jouy. At the beach, bright coloured parasols face sun and sea. In Dinard, the lights on the shore form one gleaming veil. In La Baule, feel the caress of the Atlantic gales. Cannes and its canopies quite atmospheric, Cannes and the bright red blinds of the Majestic. Courchevel: feel the warmth of an altitude nest, whether your wish is to fly or to rest. Life outside fades to blackness, or to white. Curtains don’t just shade our eyes from the light: they complete a room’s lighting, and lightly fade out of sight.