Dishes that do you good

Vegan, gluten-free, non-dairy: healthy food has never been so fashionable. The healthy-eating revolution is well and truly underway, and Barrière is playing an active part!

On the catwalks as on the plate, fashion is everything. Today, healthy eating is a huge trend. And not without reason: the benefits of a healthy, balanced diet are well proven. But this isn’t about disposable, transitory living. You could almost call it a new lifestyle… When we take care of our bodies, we invest in our overall well-being and reap long-term benefits. A bit of gentleness to counteract our frantic way of life. We opt for organic over chemicals, raw ingredients over processed food, local items over produce imported from faraway lands, and are turning in droves towards farmers’ markets. The growing popularity of gluten-free, lactose-free and animal product-free (meat, eggs, fish…) food stems from a desire to take care of ourselves. “Superfoods”, rich in essential nutrients: chia seeds, spirulina, and the now-famous goji berry—a centuries-old red berry from China credited with having anti-cancer properties—are also hugely popular. In conclusion, the healthier we eat, the better we train our palate to a new style of eating. Goodbye junk food!



When ‘Algo Cuisine’ joins forces with vegan dishes



“Well-being ingredients and menus are really in demand from our clients, in particular our international clients, who are very keen on vegan food”, says Claire Tanguy, Barrière’s catering manager. The next Fouquet's Paris menu will include a 100% vegan insert. There’s no doubt that cream of pea and mint soup and gluten-free farfalle pasta are enjoyed with the just same relish as a rich cream and potato gratin. Another innovation, now to be found in each of the Group’s hotels, is a well-being breakfast corner listing the calorie content of each item. Barrière buffets showcase a range of healthy produce: soya and rice milk, gluten-free madeleines, dairy-free yoghurts, oat bran elegantly sprinkled with goji berries… “Our gluten-free madeleine was such a success that it’s completely replaced the classic madeleine!” notes Claire. The experience continues on to the evening with an à la carte well-being menu in every Barrière Hotel restaurant. Mikael Amisse, the Chief Executive for cuisine in La Baule’s Hôtel Le Royal and an ‘Algo Cuisine’ specialist, has designed dishes for the Group’s hotel cuisine incorporating seaweed with amazing flavours. His dishes change according to what’s in season. Among other delicacies, a vanilla panna cotta with raspberry-rhubarb compote follows on from a scallop and seaweed tartare. The cherry on the gluten-free cake: this delicious menu comes in at under 500 calories. “It’s not a diet menu, it’s a menu that’s rich in good nutrients: the nutrients that help us to stay healthy” explains Claire Tanguy. Whatever it is, healthy eating often leads to direct results on the scales, something nobody will complain about!