The magic of chamomile

In tea, syrup or compress form, chamomile calms restless bodies, skin irritations and naturally colours hair.

Often accompanied by garden varieties such as lime flower, eucalyptus and lemon verbena, chamomile has long been lauded for its soothing properties and works a number of other spells. In tea, syrup or compress form, this pretty little flower calms restless bodies, skin irritations and naturally colours hair.


Elegance trend-setter Atelier Franck Durand knew it would make a comeback. Its online boutique offers the Amboise candle, which combines spicy scents with the fragrance of enchanting chamomile.


Boost your well-being


In addition to its ornamental value in gardens, chamomile has made a name for itself because of its calming properties. In teas, decoctions and infusions, it fights against irritation, anxiety and insomnia. But it doesn't send to sleep as much as soothe the senses.


Enjoyed with a view over the sea in Deauville or La Baule after a day-long excursion or at the end of a meal, chamomile enhances the sensation of well-being. This natural prescription is the perfect complement to a shiatsu, sophrology or foot reflexology session.


A whole pharmacy waiting to be harvested


The term "chamomile" refers to two species: German chamomile and Roman chamomile. There is also feverfew, which is quite similar. All three are medicinal plants with complementary benefits. Cultivated since antiquity, the plant is not only drunk or inhaled.


According to our ancestors, it has many different virtues. When applied as a compress, chamomile soothes skin inflammation and encourages healing. It is also a natural dye. Shampoo with chamomile gives hair blond reflections and prepares it for the bleaching effect of the sun.


More than one trick up its sleeve


Coveted by cardiologists and psychologists, chamomile is proving a hit in organic baskets – although one admittedly less touted than the great return of the forgotten vegetables, parsnip or swede. This unassuming flower isn't glamorous in the slightest. But it's more than one of grandma's home remedies – it's a family secret.

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