The Joy of Christmas by Barrière

The Joy of Christmas by Barrière

The Star of Christmas. Unexpected chic is at the heart of Barrière’s celebration of flavours. Organic and 100% gluten-free, as well as creamy, crunchy and simply delicious. Wishing you the sweetest Christmas.


Classic chic

Barrière’s culinary duo, Benjamin Siwek, pastry chef at Traiteur Barrière, and Hugo Sipp, head pastry chef at Fouquet's Abu Dhabi, celebrate the arrival of the first snowflakes and Groupe Barrière’s 110th anniversary with a "mouthwatering Black Forest-style" Yule log. With creamy chocolate, crunchy meringue, and a Bourbon vanilla mousse, the chefs sought inspiration from their Alsatian and Polish roots, reinventing the flavours and imbuing them with a magical and remarkable ancestral expertise. Available to eat in or take away from any of our Barrière Hotels*.

*Excluding Hotel Barrière Fouquet's Paris, Hotel Barrière Fouquet's New York, Hotel Barrière le Naoura and Hotel Barrière Le Carl Gustaf St Barth.


The taste of today

It’s a gourmet snow globe. Pastry chef Anthony Coquereau unveils a Parisian-looking "bûche" (Yule log) with a delicate chocolate crisp as a nod to New York with peanut slivers and grilled popcorn, beneath a translucent sugar dome, combined with a mousse that exudes a festival of flavours. Its pared back decor welcomes you to Les Champs Elysées and the Arc de Triomphe. Get ready to bite into the pure delight of this "Souvenir of Paris" by Anthony Coquereau*.

* Limited edition available to take away, or to enjoy in one of the hotel’s two restaurants: Le Joy Paris and Brasserie Fouquet's.


Expect the unexpected

In conjunction with Barrière, pastry chef Christophe Adam was inspired by the North Pole for this year’s sack of Christmas surprises. His three "Éclairs de génie" Yule logs, which are also a visual tribute to the Scandinavian imaginary world’s sweet treats, go by names of POLÄR (almond sponge), GRANNÄ (maple syrup sponge) and MALMÖ (gluten-free chocolate sponge). The ganache, mousse, crunch and praline endow the logs with the most incredible allure.

* Available to pre-order, or to buy in store.