When work and well-being are one

Barrière has long appreciated the fact that work can be a source of personal fulfilment. The concept of enjoyment is indivisible from the corporate facilities it offers.

Séminaire, Ballons, Fête

Chief Happiness Officer (CHO), Director of Happy Culture, Feel Good Manager… Despite how they may sound, these Silicon Valley-style job titles are no joke: they’re genuine roles that have become very fashionable among major French business groups. But what’s their goal? To create the best possible working conditions to ensure that everyone enjoys working for a company. Happiness managers, if you like. They spread happiness in the workplace through cosy lounges, nap pods, sports rooms and even table football integrated in the office décor. It’d be easy to confuse these office spaces with leisure centres…

Not to mention the team-building activities: creativity workshops, table tennis tournaments and cookery competitions where everyone shows off their speciality dish. CHOs are responsible for employee happiness and office entertainment, positioning themselves somewhere between human resources, internal marketing and events teams. These difficult-to-define trendy new roles signal a profound shift in corporate philosophy blending together different sectors. Putting people at the heart of a business is undoubtedly the best way to guarantee employee motivation. Managers know that fulfilled employees take fewer days off work, have fewer sick days and are more creative… in short, they’re more efficient workers.  


Unwind at the seaside


The time for caring management has come, which can only be good news for employees. Businesses demonstrating their concern for workplace well-being is perfectly in step with the times. For younger workers, this new expectation is practically a requirement. It’s an understandable desire: finding the best balance between your personal life and your work life. If you’re going to come to work in an office, it’s important to feel at home there. Long gone are the days of everyone frantically tapping away at their keyboards, eyes glued to their monitor…

Businesses are well aware of this. They also know that the idea of fulfilment is now key to attracting and retaining top talent. Always one step ahead of the trend, Barrière has an excellent understanding of this new way of thinking. That’s why the packages it offers corporate clients are themed around the idea of shared enjoyment. Beside the sea or in a city centre, a MICE Barrière event is above all a chance to let go in an exceptional setting. How could you not fall under the spell of destinations such as Deauville, Le Touquet, Cannes the French Riviera or Marrakech? You barely need to open your eyes and you’re gently awakening with a stretch on the Ponton de la Plage du Majestic, in La Baule’s gardens or on Deauville’s boardwalk. It’s the perfect way to recharge your batteries… Such environments provide the ideal conditions for improving leadership skills through horse-riding or managing stress with Yoga. It’s time to treat yourself to a break to savour local gastronomic delights at a tapenade-making workshop in Cannes, a ‘Crémant and bretzels’ tasting in Ribeauvillé, or to escape to Deauville’s Apple Bar…

With a huge range of timeless moments perfect for relaxation and sharing - unite business and pleasure, Barrière-style.