Rooms with a view

With sea, snow, countryside and city views.

With sea, snow, countryside and city views. 


Within plain sight of places that are steeped in history, Groupe Barrière’s 19 hotels feature Rooms and Suites of all sizes, exuding French-style well-being. Establishments that are truly unique thanks to their exceptional location. With three founding pillars: Hotel Le Normandy in Deauville, Le Royal in La Baule and Le Majestic in Cannes. Far from the stereotypes, they have ensured the peaceful transition from one era to another for over a century. Showcasing the ambiance of the period and embraced by the enveloping light. Uniting time-honoured classics for a fleeting moment is an extraordinary task.


For a long time, the destination took precedence over the view. And yet… The blue-green sea foam in Deauville, the horizon in the distance in La Baule, the chic comfort of the pontoon in Cannes. The Channel, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean: three seas and a wealth of new journeys to embark on with Barrière.


Which is why Barrière is taking a side step. An invitation (with its guarantee of flawless services as ever) to enjoy a change of perspective. To open the windows, terraces and balconies. To dream big beneath the stars, without forgetting the group’s well-established reputation.


With this in mind, an advertising campaign, «Simply exceptional, as far as the eye can see» was launched in collaboration with the BUY TBWA\ agency. The digital marketing campaign showcases the Barrière brand and signature.