Barrière wishes you a wonderful year 2023

Wishes 2023: Barrière, the Memory Factory

Memories are one of Barrière’s trademarks, a way of putting its stamp on enjoyable times. Remembering is about holding onto feelings, and atmospheres that remind you of the understated comfort of the hotels, the fun of the casinos, the flavours of the restaurants, the tranquil well-being of the spas, the leisure opportunities for all ages, as a couple, with family or friends. In the not so distant past, postcards were sent as a holiday souvenir with the message «Wish you were here!». And it would be a while until they finally arrived. Even today, a selfie isn’t enough to create a memory - you really need to know what you are doing. The expertise Barrière has developed over the past 110 years is not a science. Hospitality is not just about setting the wheels in motion according to the user’s guide. Memories are made by, and for, those who experience them. Timeless, they are derived from the Barrière atmosphere, from Paris to New York and St Barths, from Deauville to La Baule and Cannes, in its 19 hotels, 32 Casinos and its Gaming Club.


When good wishes coalesce with memories, they create the most beautiful personal journey. Like a little ball, rolling along a path to anywhere…