For 2020, Barrière shines red, white and blue

The Barrière group flies rather exquisite colours: Courchevel’s Hotel Barrière Les Neiges and its new “Palace” distinction, the new 5* Hotel Le Carl Gustaf in Saint-Barth, news from Le Fouquet’s in Paris and brand new “brasserie with red blinds”, which opened up recently in Abu Dhabi.

Barrière’s signature for 2020 is a 3-colour palette: blue, for the seas and skies that surround 5-star Hotel Le Carl Gustaf in Saint-Barth; white, for Hotel Les Neiges in Courchevel which now sports the prestigious title of “palace”; and red, for Le Fouquet’s and its inventions, which include the Harcourt Suite in Paris andtruly audacious new Le Fouquet’s restaurant, opened far from Paris at “the other” Louvre museum in Abu Dhabi. The Barrière group is over one-hundred years old and has lived every era since to its very fullest… and the 2020s will be no exception. Tradition and inventiveness are the key words behind its longevity. Though Saint-Barth, Abu Dhabi, Paris and Courchevel may seem far apart on a map, all share a common trait: the epitome of hospitality, provided with all of the savoir-faire of a French establishment. In other words: the Barrière experience. Whether it’s hot or cold, high or low, in the city-centre or out in nature: Barrière will always be Barrière.

Carbbean blue

Why not take time to relaxe in Saint Barth ?

Saint-Barth is a French island in the Caribbean where Barrière has recently set sail. The captain of the island is the astounding Hotel Le Carl Gustaf. Barrière entrusted French architects, decorators and graphic designers Gilles&Boissier with the project: that of bringing a building over two-hundred years old and its spectacular gardens back to life. The establishment is perched on a hill, overlooking the sea and the island’s capital Gustavia.Its atmosphere and light change throughout the day, making for a truly relaxing experience. The mood here is set to “chill” amid a truly soothing décor. Enjoy an oasis-like experience right by the silky blue sea, thanks to the hotel’s twenty-three suites and bungalowvillas, located close to the world-famous Shell Beach and its pristine white sand. The establishment’s many terraces are full of light and evolve with the time of day. What’s more, an unexpected guest is here to stay: Le Fouquet’s restaurant has brought its kitchens, taste and gastronomy menu - concocted by threestar Chef Pierre Gagnaire - over from Paris. Le Fouquet’s presence is indeed unexpected, yet provides a touch of elegance which is all the more welcome here at the heart of the Caribbean. Perched high on a hill like a statuesque voyager, Le Carl Gustaf rides waves atmospheric. Be sure to join us come spring 2020.

White as snow

Something palatial about Courchevel.

Located 1,850 metres above sea level, Hotel Barrière Les Neiges and its 5 stars have been awarded the title of “Palace” by Atout France, France’s high-jury for luxury hospitality. Les Neiges is now France’s 31st palace and stands King of the summits in Courchevel... Les Neiges is as warm as a chalet and light as a snowflake. In the mountains, luxury rhymes with wellness: skiing, hiking, shopping and spa days, to name a few. Les Neiges in Courchevel 1850 is the perfect combination of winter sports and elegance. After a day on the slopes, one needs one’s comfort. Not to mention a great place to eat: Les Neiges just happens to be home to star Chefs Pierre Gagnaire and Mauro Colagreco. Flavours and favours, manors and manners. Being a palace does not mean being fussy: it is the constant search for utter perfection.

Fouquet's red

Parisian surprises.

… And it’s back! Le Fouquet’s lives on the Champs-Élysées, everyone knows that. But did you know about its other addresses in Cannes, Courchevel, Marrakech, Saint- Barth, etc.? Le Fouquet’s even has its own cultural hotspot 5,000 kilometres away from Paris: at the Louvre museum inaugurated in Abu Dhabi, where one can now enjoy the restaurant’s great food. Whether you’re in Paris or Abu Dhabi, you’re sure to experience the epitome of French cuisine. Three-star Chef Pierre Gagnaire devised all of Le Fouquet’s menus, featuring new techniques and a true whirlwind of flavour, thus making cuisine one of the establishments’ major fortes. Though red may be the restaurant’s official colour, its progressively fades away on the upper floors of the hotel on Avenue George-V in Paris, between views of Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower. Last November, the establishment welcomed four Signature Suites created by decorator Jacques Garcia. The Suites are designed like Parisian apartments: full of light, with simple fireplaces and furniture. On the fifth floor, the positively astounding Harcourt Suite awaits. It elegantly celebrates Harcourt photography studio and the fantastic work it has done for 20 th century French and international cinema. Thus, a bond is forged between the art of cinema and the gastronomy brasserie. Under the the black and white gazes of the “Harcourt faces”, this 200 m2 suite is the aesthetic epitome of luxury hospitality. It is both a reference and an exploration. The Suite’s living room can in fact be turned into a photography studio with a professional make-up room, in which guests can have their very own Harcourt portrait made.