They are the Barrière’s label for lightness and shadows

Their job is Interior Architecture and Decoration for luxury hospitality. Their names are Nathalie Ryan, Jacques Garcia, Bruno Borrione, Alexandre Danan. Their projects for the Barrière group always combine the worlds of day and night which they enchant thanks to the electricity fairy. But not only this. The lights of the palace Les Neiges Barrière in Courchevel, - designed by Ryan. Kirei Studio, which she founded, is named after a Japanese word that illustrates the association of beauty and matter. Well found... The brightness of Hôtel Le Fouquet’s in Paris and Le Royal in Deauville (among others) – designed by Garcia. The lightings and the atmosphere around the game tables at Club Barrière along the Champs Elysées in Paris, but also the renovation of the Westminster Hotel at Le Touquet – designed by Borrione. The lightings at the Normandy in Deauville, the Grand Hôtel Barrière in Dinard and the Majestic in Cannes, - designed by Danan. This quartet testifies the importance of light in their work and creations.

Jacques Garcia*

To access knowledge

«I come out of the world of art. And just like objects, human beings need to be showcased by the light. It is this light which often, when we are ignorant, enables us to access knowledge. As for artworks, recognize them as sublime because they are highlighted, and for human beings, value them because sometimes they have defects which are hidden by a beautiful light. And a public place must be reserved for human beings, who come there to meet other people and be recognized by other people. What is the best way to be loved than to be highlighted...»
* Jacques Garcia decoration

Nathalie Ryan*

My lighting senarios

«Lighting plays with our perceptions, creates unique sensations and experiences and sublimates design. Light has this ability to create atmospheres much more than furniture or an accessory; it recreates unique sensations and experiences. Light is an integral part of interior decoration and you have to work on it from the start of a project. To plan a space, it is essential to define the experience that we want to create. In my creation process, I create a film sequence in my head, when I arrive in the hotel lobby, what feeling will I want to feel, when I go through the corridors to get to my room, when I open the door to discover my room, am I arriving day time? Night time..? All these questions arise and it is this attention to detail that I transpose into my lighting scenarios. I always favor warm lights and a lot of work on indirect lights so that customers experience a feeling of well-being in all areas of the hotel. Lots of ambiance lighting in spas, but also in bathrooms, thinking, for instance, of women for makeup, or subdued atmosphere for bathing. All the elements that we integrate into our spaces respond to a functionality and the very essence of the «project» and lighting is an additional element. The art of lighting up a restaurant is halfway between a theatrical setting and a magic show. We work with the conviction that lighting is not only an element of improvement, but that it is fundamental for the success of any project. Light is a powerful force and as an interior designer and decorator we must master its art.»
* Kirei Studio

Bruno Borrione*

Light is essential

«If Le Corbusier describes architecture as the skillful, accurate and wonderful play of volumes under light, it indeed shows that this is essential in our profession. It enables us to cut the shadows, to soften the walls, to reveal as well as to make disappear. From the reading light that caresses the pages of a book to the led panels that can plunge us into an ocean of light. Without it, no muted tones or shimmer. No polish or roughness. It is immaterial, but so present.»
*Bruno Borrione SARL


Alexandre Danan

Concepts for well-being

«The care given to contemporary light is essential in any work of interior architecture and decoration. From Le Corbusier to Frank Gehry, our referring architects teach us that only light and therefore shadows can give life to volumes and spaces. The mastery of light and its effects on materials and textures is constantly improving thanks to technical tools; thus our generation of decorators evolves with the supervision of specialistsincluding lighting designers. The desired effect, particularly in hotels, is the mastery of the staging and conditioning for the well-being of our guests. This is the whole point of our work and passion. This approach materialized from the start of studies on the emblematic Barrière group establishments such as the Normandy in Deauville, the Gray d’Albion and the Majestic in Cannes, including the Fouquet’s bar and restaurant. The mastery of light was at the center of my reflections for the Grand Hôtel Dinard in Brittany. It is easy to understand that light must essentially adapt to places, geographic exposures and regions. Indeed, in order to succeed in bringing out the light concepts, the decorator must remain on site for the necessary time to grasp his environment. Before drawing and proposing an intervention on a location, I need to live this happy time experience and to observe the day and night effects. Before the implementation and the first pick, all materials must be validated on site, in order to calibrate the chromatic results. The mastery of the technique serves therefore the general decorative idea and the whole story that is told. Craftsmen and manufacturers of custom-made lights adapt the heat of the light sources in order to serve the general concept. The Group’s hotel renovations are revolutionary in their interest for preserving the architectural codes associated with the comfort and contemporary boldness of the projects. This is where decorative and architectural lighting plays their parts. We create and compose original lighting, by associating different craftsmen for the same realization, a convergence of Expertise ranging from the electrician to the stucco-expert passing by the painter decorator, the engineer and the specialist in home automation. The mastery of light is the only way to highlight the work of decoration and design of volumes and materials. This is indeed the expression of a passion and a love for staging in view of well-being.»
* EDO - EuropeanDesignOffice consulting