Uniqueness, the essential event ingredient

Unusual locations never go out of fashion and are becoming increasingly sought after. To cater to a growing need, Hôtel Barrière Le Fouquet’s Paris is now offering Les Day Suite, a new exclusive offer that allows guests to privately hire the hotel’s most beautiful suites for just a few hours at a time….

At fashionable dinner parties these days, all anybody ever talks about are unusual restaurants and bars: pop-up dining experiences in industrial locations, on barges, New York-style lofts, hidden bars and rooftop restaurants… Breaking with tradition and routine, these out-of-the-ordinary establishments fulfil our desire for escape. The quest for originality is now an essential part of organising private or corporate events, from company meetings to christenings. A wedding that takes place deep in the desert may have been an amazing sight a decade ago, but that’s hardly the case today! Whether it’s on a boat, in a circus, underwater, in zero-gravity, in a Bolivian salt hotel, a disused aircraft, or even a yurt or igloo, there are no longer limits to the venues in which events can be staged, especially—and most importantly—if they allow you to step outside of the everyday.


A few hours in a luxury Suite


To satisfy this thirst for the new, Barrière is always striving for constant innovation when it comes to events planning. And how are they doing this you may ask? The Group has launched Les Day Suite, a bespoke offer allowing guests to privately hire Le Fouquet’s most beautiful suites for a few hours at a time. The legendary hotel was fully renovated in 2017 by interior designer Jacques Garcia and there are even plans for an extension in late 2018… In a moment out of time, just like in a movie, the Suites become the backdrop to an unforgettable personal or professional event: birthdays, baby showers, hen or stag dos, business lunches in a confidential setting, meetings or press junkets. With family or friends, the hotel is a dream location in which to gather together over brunch or a celebratory meal with a whirlwind of flavours created by the Chef, while overlooking the most beautiful avenue in the City of Light.


A business meeting packed with surprises


Among colleagues, an unexpected setting forges bonds and puts people in a frame of mind conducive to openness and exchange. In that light, Barrière is taking things one step further by allowing businesses to privately hire the entirety of Deauville’s Hôtel du Golf, the Westminster in Le Touquet and Dinard’s Grand Hôtel. In the context of a business meeting, the company organising the event becomes indivisible in the mind of the client with a magnificent luxury hotel. We can arrange just about anything, including customising the hotel staff uniform to match company branding. And why not add a touch of mischief by cheekily replacing the hotel logo with that of the company! And for a final sprinkle of magic, the hotel staff will even slip a few photos of the company’s top partners in amongst the celebrity portraits adorning the walls…