The top 7 slot machines in the world

These seven leading intercontinental slot machines will be appearing exclusively at Casinos Barrière.

These seven digital Slot Machines, intercontinental stars, have never before been brought together in one place in France... until now. They are making a star appearance exclusively in Casinos Barrière. 


This exceptional, exclusive Slot Machine tour illustrates one of Casinos Barrière's commitments: to offer customers a unique gaming experience. Deauville, Trouville, La Baule, Cassis, Sainte-Maxime, Nice and Carry-le-Rouet will each welcome in turn these exotic one-armed bandits. Extraordinarily adventurous, the scenarios whisk you away to Asia or the Middle East, to a fantastic universe or into the past. Even if the player is skilful, luck still rules supreme, making each round more surprising than the next.


Players Party, one for all, all for one


For the first time ever in France. Team up with your neighbours for an exceptional gaming experience. Roulette, Craps, Black Jack, Roulette... Anyone can try their luck and attempt to up the winnings for them and their team-mates. Achieve victory together for bigger, shared fun. Stronger together!


Dark Samurai: channel your inner warrior


Japan and the world of the Samurai come to life with scenarios from the other side of the world. Line up three 'wheel' symbols to activate the Ninja Wheel and receive your mission. Battle your enemies with a sabre or magic cards, and find the hidden treasure and the jackpot.


Heavenly Riches: treasure is within reach


In this game, gold coins can come pouring out at any moment. With an avalanche of bonuses that offer you numerous additional rounds, this game presents endless opportunities for increasing your winnings and hitting the big prize. Golden nuggets will be swimming before your eyes for an even more amazing victory.


Dungeons & Dragons: ready, aim, fire!


It's a gaming phenomenon. Elves, dwarves and dragons show off their intelligence in a fantasy-medieval setting. If you like thrills and jackpots, this game is for you. Head off on a treasure hunt into caves, dungeons and alleys, racking up points as you go. But beware, traps and monsters await you at every turn.


Wonder Woman: reunite with your favourite heroine


Do you like the Wonder Woman series? Then you'll love this Slot Machine! Set to the music from the original 70s TV series, take off on a mission with Lynda Carter. Try to win the three jackpots, armed with your lasso and magic bracelets.


Aladdin’s Fortune 3D: hit 1001 jackpots


The Aladdin universe has a new 3D gaming experience. Retrieve the sapphire necklace and emerald brooch and try to rub the magic lamp. With a little luck, the genie might even offer you a bonus with the click of his fingers. The treasure chest is just waiting to be opened!


Dragon’s Temple 3D: a realistic voyage into the dragon's den


Exclusive visual sensations thanks to 3D and a vibrating seat to simulate the stages of your journey in secret chambers within the Dragon's temple. A complete gaming experience. Line up three Ying and Yang symbols: four new levels of game are available. Amongst them, a mysterious option will spark brave players' curiosity.

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