Who is Dominique Desseigne, CEO of the Lucien Barrière Group (SAS)?

Dominique Desseigne

Chief Executive Officer of the Groupe Lucien Barrière (SAS)


Chairman of the Société Fermière du Casino Municipal de Cannes (SFCMC)


Dominique Desseigne has a master's in Law from University Paris I and a post-graduate notarial degree. He practised as a solicitor from 1980 to 1997.


In 1997, he took over the management of the Groupe Lucien Barrière with his wife Diane Barrière-Desseigne, until her death in 2001. He then became the Group's Chairman.


In December 2004, with the affiliation between the Groupe Lucien Barrière and Accor Casinos, Dominique Desseigne became Chairman of the Supervisory Board, the Strategy Committee and Groupe Lucien Barrière SAS Holdings, of which the Desseigne-Barrière family is a majority shareholder (51%).


In 2011, the Accor group (after having bought 15% of Colony's share in 2009) wanted to sell its 49% of the capital it held in GLB. Dominique Desseigne chose a new shareholder, Fimalac, with which he shared the same strategic vision: an assets-based approach in which property plays a determining role, as well as a strong involvement in the world of culture.


After acquiring Accor's share, the Desseigne-Barrière family, the Group's majority shareholder, now owns over 60 % of the capital, while the Fimalac group holds 40%. The Desseigne-Barrière family's level of involvement, which is at its highest since the Group was created, conveys how much the shareholding family want to preserve the pioneering Group's identity and values and its desire to continue supporting its development in the long term.


Dominique Desseigne is now CEO of the Groupe Lucien Barrière (SAS). He is also Chairman of the Société Fermière du Casino Municipal de Cannes (SFCMC), in which the Desseigne-Barrière family also holds a 60% share.

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