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Do you want to develop a Barrière Casino? Discover the steps to take with six commitments.

Developing a casino with Barrière

Choose Barrière and you will be working with one of Europe’s casino market leaders and the leading French casino operator, which owns 6 of the top 10 casinos in France in terms of Gross Gambling Revenue.


Developing a casino with Barrière means:


1. THE EXPERTISE OF A LEADER - By choosing Barrière, you will be choosing expertise in managing games tables; optimisation of slot machine revenues; choices of associated products; the best seasonal events, and shows popular with the customers. It means having the best products and enjoying a guarantee of the integrity of your activities, in accordance with national and international laws. Barrière means peaceful, healthy, sustainable and profitable operations.


2. MAXIMISED PROFITS - For an investor, a partnership with a leader like us means that you are guaranteed guidance from the people best placed to offer the best solutions in order to optimise your return on investment.


3. A DEDICATED, INNOVATIVE AND EFFICIENT TEAM - If you choose to develop a casino with Barrière, the Group will be ready to assist you throughout the project thanks to its exhaustive range of technical assistance services provided by an experienced and innovative team. Once these stages are complete, seasoned and knowledgeable operations managers will take up the baton to ensure the longevity of the project.


4. AN INNOVATIVE AND SUSTAINABLE VISION - By developing a casino with Barrière, you will also benefit from the services of a dedicated team that is aware of the developments and prospects of the sector and knows how to incorporate new technology in order to make the casino as attractive as possible to clients and therefore maximise its profitability.


5. AN ETHICAL AND SAFE APPROACH - For over 20 years, Barrière has been involved in Responsible Gaming practices and offers a comprehensive, innovative approach to prevention. By choosing Barrière, you will have the certainty of working with a partner whose ethical values are more than just marketing claims – they are a reality that means everyday safety.


6. COMPREHENSIVE EXPERIENCE OF LEISURE ACTIVITIES AND ENTERTAINMENT - Barrière is a group that owns and operates hotels, restaurants, beaches, golf courses, and much more. This means that investors looking to create a casino that is part of a resort can hand over the reins of the project to a single partner.




  • A bespoke project and product, adapted to the investment and the market

  • An adapted, efficient and easily reachable support service.

  • Constant incorporation of innovation

  • Peace of mind regarding adherence to legislation 

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