The environment

Sustainable buildings, energy conservation, circular economy, an end to single-use plastic, preserving biodiversity… The group is committed to protecting the environment.

As a key player in sustainable and responsible tourism, Barrière’s commitment to protecting the environment  focuses on five main areas: sustainable buildings, a circular economy,  preserving biodiversity, responsible digitalisation, and fighting climate change.



Innovative solutions for sustainable construction


Barrière has created a green building committee, which ensures that the best practices are put into place on a group level, and that the buildings conform to the required standards. 


In addition to this green building committee, an energy conservation committee has been created to pinpoint the actions needed for the sustainable running of our buildings, and to ensure they are implemented. This committee comprises representatives from the relevant departments, Hospitality, Casinos, Technical and Purchasing in particular, as a continuation of existing measures, such as energy audits in all its establishments.


At Resort Barrière Ribeauvillé, voted Best Spa Resort in France 2022, the water for the Balneotherapy Centre, as well as the showers and the hotel, is heated  by a methanisation plant , which runs on organic waste from local farms, supermarkets and restaurants. The methane fuels a generator which produces electricity, the heat generated is recuperated and used by the Resort as heating. This biogas facility, producing a 100% natural energy source, represents a sustainable economic model as it has created around fifteen new jobs.



Reduce, repair and recycle


Barrière follows a circular economy business model, based on the “3Rs”: reduce, repair, and recycle. As part of the anti-waste Law, Barrière has committed to no longer using plastic bottles, with plastic in general being replaced by more ethical materials (bio-sourced, recycled, recyclable...). The teams have become accustomed to regularly giving objects and consumables a second life; décors prepared for special events are reused as much as possible, unused furniture and unconsumed food from breakfasts are donated to associations. In addition to sorting the 5 main types of waste, the establishments sort other types of waste, including bio-waste, cigarette butts, and even coffee capsules. 


Barrière is keen to raise awareness to its customers and involve them in the different approaches by inviting them to consider the way they want to enjoy their experience with the group.



The fight to reduce greenhouse gas emissions


Barrière has committed to reducing its carbon footprint in various ways. The group provides their customers and employees with greener transport options, as well as electric shuttlebuses, and the loan of bicycles and scooters to sustainably discover the resorts and their surrounding areas. 


The construction and renovation of establishments incorporates more ethical work and less polluting products, in line with criteria set by the Sustainable Works Committee. The regular use of digital technology and the carbon footprint created by our businesses are important factors in the group’s fight to reduce energy waste. 



Protecting biodiversity


To ensure our golf business is a responsible one, the group has implemented a commitment charter to better protect and preserve its natural heritage. With this in mind, the Barrière International Golf Course in La Baule has installed 10 beehives in conjunction with a local beekeeper, and the honey produced is given to customers and employees. In 2022, almost 10,000 flower bulbs were planted to maintain a natural environment that favours pollinating insects and enhances the beauty of the surroundings. These areas of nature grow back annually, for three to five years. The golf course aims to plant 10,000 extra bulbs every year for three years. 

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