Responsible employer

By providing employees with guidance and highlighting their talents, Barrière is committed to being a responsible employer. The aim? To improve company life.


Barrière boasts a wealth of different profiles working within the group. To promote this diversity, Barrière assists employees with their induction to the company, their training and career progression on a daily basis.



Developing human capital


To ensure a successful induction for new recruits, it is important for them to become acquainted with the Barrière Spirit and Culture. Every new employee therefore embarks on an induction programme to familiarise themselves with its values. On-site or online (100% online course created in conjunction with Campus Barrière, our talent management programme), our induction sessions are open to all newly recruited employees, whether on a temporary or permanent contract, to learn the key information about Barrière, our businesses and our professions. This is also an opportunity to learn more about oneself, through discussions with others. On joining, all Barrière managers follow a 3-day Operational Professions Discovery course to immerse themselves in the daily running of the various departments.


The management's firm convictions of recognising and paying attention to all can be seen as soon as employees join the company and throughout their career. 



Creating optimal working conditions


In consultation with its employees, Barrière is seeking to implement new ways to guarantee “well-being at work”. For example, in almost all of its Casinos, the traditional tokens used for the Slot Machines have been replaced by a TITO (Ticket In Ticket Out) system. Winners now receive their prize on a ticket. This means less handling of tokens for the employees and a more modern approach – a win-win initiative!


The group’s management keeps a very close eye on health and safety measures at work to prevent hazards, protect them, and keep them informed.Another action undertaken as part of its prevention and quality of working life approach is the introduction of a support helpline and counselling service which all Barrière employees can access via a freephone number, available 24/7.



IMPULSE, responsible management


IMPULSE, our managerial model, is based on 5 basic values: Humbleness, Daring, Sharing, Team Spirit and Confidence, which comprise exemplary characteristics for managers. Whether by delivering regular, clear and motivating briefings, carefully preparing annual appraisals, or by creating fair work schedules, all managers play a part in their teams' involvement. Every manager should also give his or her employees the means to progress.


In a quest for constant improvement, Groupe Barrière has implemented Well-Being at Work indicators thanks to results generated through national and local surveys. An external occupational psychologist supports the teams as they analyse the feedback, in a bid to identify the actions needed to be put into place thereafter.


Encouraging diversity

Through its diversity policy, Barrière aims to ensure professional equality between men and women in terms of training, remuneration and promotions. Barrière recruits motivated, talented candidates, regardless of their age, gender, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, or disability. Our aim is to ensure they all feel welcome within the group, and that they are integrated into their team and their work environment, enabling them to reach their full potential.





Barrière has been committed to fighting against disability discrimination for many years now, guaranteeing the integration of employees with disabilities, and ensuring their employment, with all its social partners signing a dedicated agreement. Through this agreement, the group:

  • Encourages the recruitment of disabled candidates; 
  • Ensures the continued employment of disabled team members;
  • Develops partnerships with disability-friendly businesses; 
  • Develops training for disabled employees; 
  • Develops information, training and awareness-based actions for employees regarding employment policies specific to disabled candidates/employees;
  • Supports employees in their personal and professional development:
    • Focusing on career management of relevant employees; 
    • Helping to acquire any necessary equipment to compensate for the disability on both a professional and a personal level.





At Barrière, we are convinced of the importance of supporting our young team members who have just joined the workforce. Many actions have been implemented to support their integration to the group:

  • Implementation of a minimum recruitment quota per year; 
  • Strong partnerships withlocal and national schools, with the rolling out of 16 school-specific actions; 
  • Increasing salaries of interns and trainees.





At Barrière, we are committed to supporting senior employees with regards end of career arrangements, from the age of 57, by: 

  • Adapting the time and duration of work; 
  • Providing help with administrative formalities; 
  • Providing training for the transition between work and retirement;
  • Encouraging access to progressive retirement.




  •  Equal access to professional training; 
  • Salary reviews following pay rises on return from maternity, paternity or adoption leave; 
  • Access to health cover whilst on parental leave; 
  • The option to put one’s professional career on standby;  
  • Maintaining professional contact during absence, at the employees’ request; 
  • Authorised absence to attend pre-natal appointments. 


Male/Female professional equality index

The male/female professional equality index allows businesses to gauge their level in terms of professional equality between men and women based on indicators which give them a mark out of 100.

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