Responsible employer

By providing employees with guidance and highlighting their talents, Barrière is committed to being a Responsible Employer. The aim? To improve company life.

Guidance & Mobilisation

By providing employees with guidance and highlighting their talents, Barrière is committed to being a Responsible Employer. The aim? To improve company life.


The variety of profiles represented within is responsible for its richness. To promote this diversity, Barrière works on an everyday basis to assist employees with their induction to the company, their training and career progression.


Developing human capital


So as to ensure new recruits are successful inducted into the teams, they are acquainted with the Barrière Spirit. Every new employee therefore receives an induction programme which teaches them its values.

The management's firm convictions of recognising and paying attention to all can be seen as soon as employees join the company and throughout their career. The Barrière awards "Stars" to those who have shown special involvement in one of the six Barrière Values: Professionalism, Love for the Customer, Innovation, Team Spirit, Tradition, and Pleasure.


Creating optimal working conditions


Barrière consults its employees on more convenient solutions so as to guarantee an improved working environment.

For example, in almost all of its Casinos, the traditional tokens used for the Slot Machines have been replaced by a TITO (Ticket In Ticket Out) system. Winners now receive their prize on a ticket. This means less handling for the employees and a more modern approach – a win-win initiative!

Another action undertaken as part of its prevention and quality of working life approach is the introduction of a support helpline and counselling service which all Barrière employees can access via a freephone number, available 24/7.


Establishing responsible management


The creation of a responsible management charter, “Manag’Attitudes”, highlights the 11 criteria constituting exemplary characteristics for managers: lead, adapt, act with courage, create, decide, develop talent, be fair, stay humble, be a good teacher, be positive, and simplify. Whether by delivering regular, clear and motivating briefings, carefully preparing annual appraisals, or by creating fair working schedules, all managers play a part in their teams' involvement. Every manager should also give his or her employees the means to progress. Since 2010, the Barrière Barometer has made it possible for employees to anonymously express their views of the company and their perceptions of management and the working environment in complete confidentiality. Management is therefore able to bear employees' concerns in mind when adapting its actions and implementing corrective plans.


Encouraging diversity


Through its Diversity policy, Barrière aims to ensure professional equality between men and women in terms of training, remuneration and promotions.

Improving the professional skills of young people is also a priority for Barrière, and one which can be seen in its partnership with the University of Marne-la-Vallée since 2001, which offers the only professional degree course in France for candidates wishing to become a "casino manager". It welcomes apprentices on work experience programmes to its establishments to complete their training, and does so for all its different professions.

Barrière also firmly believes in passing on know-how and developing talent. In particular, it has formed partnerships with the French employment office to train games dealers by recruiting candidates with an aptitude for memory, mental arithmetic and dexterity.

Another one of its commitments is the integration of disabled workers and their job retention with all social partners signing a third agreement for the 2016-2019 period. For many years, Barrière has been committed to fighting discrimination due to disability. For example, in June 2016 in Deauville, five people with disabilities received their commis chef certification after a nine-month training programme.


Everyone has a place in Barrière's teams, be they men, women, apprentices or seniors.  

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