Comprehensive overview of Planète Barrière

With Planète Barrière, the group upholds a development model that respects people, the environment, and involvement with the local community.

Planète Barrière - an ambitious, voluntary approach


The Barrière Spirit is a way of life. The group upholds a development model that respects people, the environment, and involvement with the local community. This world of shared responsibility comes together under the Planète Barrière banner. 


Helping to create the world of tomorrow, Planète Barrière, a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach, advocates a unifying vision. This all-encompassing ethical code considers social, economic and environmental aspects as a whole. It focuses on five areas: 

  • Governance, sustainable innovation & dialogue;
  • Sustainable customer experience;
  • Responsible employer;
  • The environment;
  • Responsible restaurants;
  • Local development and solidarity.


Each pillar rests upon clear objectives that result in concrete actions. These are assessed and redefined throughout the year, thanks to 60 indicators that also allow Barrière to evaluate the relevance of its commitments.

CSR is everyone’s responsibility, and change can only happen if Barrière’s team members are committed and involved. The new strategy was co-designed and incorporated by all the Group’s businesses, thanks particularly to dedicated committee groups.


The group chose to structure its approach around the ISO 26000 international standard for corporate social responsibility. This ambitious policy extends beyond the scope of sustainable development by putting people at the heart of the Barrière group's consideration and actions. Having received the " Sustainable and Innovative Destination" label for Barrière’s Deauville, La Baule and Cannes Resorts, in addition to the group’s ISO 20121 international certification awarded in 2023. Issued by AFNOR Certification (French association for standardisation) for 3 years, it is proof of the commitment taken by the group’s establishments and events catering service with regards the sustainable and environmentally friendly management of its events business (seminars, events, and shows).


In addition to these standards, certain Barrière establishments have been awarded the Green Globe certification. Recognised by the World Tourism Organisation and the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), this international label was created almost thirty years ago, specifically for travel and tourism professionals, rewarding the efforts and rigour of businesses in terms of sustainable development. Managing the sustainable development approach, socio-economic commitments, respecting the cultural heritage, and protecting the environment are all part of the selection criteria.



Strong local roots


The Barrière establishments embrace their role in  protecting the local environment, local development and solidarity, whilst  demonstrating innovation on a daily basis. Mindful of preserving biodiversity, they are involved in sorting waste, and its recycling and reuse (circular economy). With its policy to reduce plastic, the group is conscious of limiting the number of plastic items it uses, replacing them with reusable or bio-sourced materials where possible. While ensuring the establishments provide a healthy environment for its guests, the group is investing in the responsible running of its properties, and the environmentally friendly construction of buildings. Its aim is to firmly entrench the concept of sustainable tourism.


By supporting the local economy in the areas in which it operates, the group favours local resources for its development. It does this not only by promoting regional culture and heritage; it also implements a local procurement policy. "Tables Barrière" advocates a locavore approach with seasonal and regional produce, even including the honey produced at Barrière establishments. Beyond the local produce, the teams champion organically farmed foods.



Goodwill and workplace ethics


The approach is centred on responsible management and is fuelled by reflection on how to improve company life. The promotion of diversity, the employment of disabled people, and employees' involvement in collective actions are just several examples of the day-to-day commitment of the group towards its employees.


With Planète Barrière, relationships are   more open, and the company's governance ensures fair business dealings and dialogue with concerned parties. Employees are involved in interactive discussions based on CSR priorities with the aim of coming up with concrete initiatives that will be applied on site.


The group's responsibility also extends to its casinos, where Barrière's experience and expertise are put to good use to implement an exemplary responsible gaming policy. This means concrete action to support guests through an all-encompassing, innovative and unique approach.

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