The Vendanges Solidaires Barrière project

Employees at Hôtel Barrière Le Fouquet’s Paris have been supporting the Landes d’Armagnac region for nine years now. As of this year, the sustainable development and CSR department has taken up the task of injecting new life into the Vendanges Solidaires Barrière initiative.

3,700 new trees planted


The forests of the Landes d’Armagnac region were particularly affected by storm Klaus in 2009. On the initiative of Marie-Laure Lurton, wine-maker in the Haut Médoc region, employees from Le Fouquet’s Paris came together to contribute to this "collective grape harvest". The "Fouquet’s" Barrière cuvée, which was sold at auction, financed the planting of 3,700 trees.


From collective initiative to long-term project


Every year, bottles of cuvée Barrière are sold at auction at an annual charity evening and the funds raised are used for sustainable development projects. Originally intended to finance the reforestation of this region, the funds raised are now being invested in the development of the area. Since then, a minibus intended for people with reduced mobility and two youth centres have been financed thanks to this initiative.

Given the values that it conveys, the Vendanges Solidaires Barrière project is a solid component of the CSR policy at Barrière, and this has encouraged the Group to take it to a national level. As a result, all employees will now have the chance to help with the grape harvest. The initiative has also been extended to other regions. The 2017 grape harvest took place over two stages - Château Saint-Maur Cru Classé in Cogolin, followed by Château Le Boscq in Saint Estèphe.


Forming meaningful ties


Inclusion and involvement. The project is an opportunity for Barrière to bring employees, suppliers, project partners and project owners together. The Vendanges Solidaires Barrière project is a way of maintaining the momentum of the Group’s collective approach, enabling different employees to share the experience every year and help promote team spirit. Employees take great pride in being involved in the projects we finance every year – and can give themselves a pat on the back for making a commitment to projects that make a considerable contribution to improving the region in economic, environmental and social terms.

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