IFACI certification – a mark of professionalism and exemplary conduct

Barrière became the first casino and hotel group to receive an IFACI certification for good governance in 2015.

Certifying conformity, rigour and transparency, Barrière became the first casino and hotel group to receive IFACI certification in 2015. Awarded by an independent body, this certification recognises the soundness of its governance.


Formed of three people, the Internal Auditing department ensures that the various different procedures are respected. In 2015, it was itself audited by the French Auditing and Internal Inspection Institute (IFACI).


A label of quality and performance


Based on a tried-and-tested, top-level approach, the certificate guarantees the Barrière's conformity to the IIA's (Institute Of Internal Auditors) International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing. The certification acknowledges its integrated "Governance - Risk - Conformity/Internal Control" approach and recognises its transparency and fair business dealings.


Effectiveness and prevention


Internally, Barrière works to establish concrete procedures for managing risks: the establishment of an ethical code, a suppliers' charter, and ensuring honest competition between service providers. The aim? To combat fraud, laundering and illegal work. Year-round, all of the Barrière's departments continue the work carried out by Internal Auditing, which carries out evaluation of the objectives every six months.


Strategy and innovation


The Internal Auditing department also plays a strategic role in elucidating managerial decisions. The IFACI certification demonstrates its ability to assist with the innovative projects.

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