Barrière commits to UNISOAP

Over 2 million children die every year from diseases related to a lack of hygiene in developing countries. Over 200,000 homeless people in France are without access to hygiene products. In spite of this, 51 million bars of soap are thrown away by hotels in France every year - around 1.3kg per room. 

Armed with this knowledge and in line with a CSR policy that focuses on disability and the environment, Barrière has undertaken to donate all of its used hotel soaps to UNISOAP. The aim being to combat wastage and help improve hygiene standards throughout the world via a solidarity initiative. 

UNISOAP is a French association that collects and recycles used hotel soaps in a humanitarian cause. The process is relatively simple, making it easy for high take-up: the housekeeping teams in each of the 14 Barrière hotels located in France make a daily collection of the soap used by guests. The soap is then processed at an ESAT (a place employing disabled persons with the aim of social integration) and then passed on to people in need. 

For example, thanks to the commitment and increased awareness of Barrière employees, around 321kg of soap collected at the Resort Barrière La Baule has been reused, certainly helping to reduce the spread of disease.  

This initiative responds to three major challenges: environmental – helping to reduce waste; humanitarian – giving as many people as possible access to good hygiene; social – creating jobs for disabled workers. 

A humanitarian initiative that all Barrière employees can be proud of!