A comprehensive CSR consultation for increased involvement

With the aim of involving its employees in its CSR priorities, Barrière enters into dialogue with all its teams.

With the aim of involving its employees in its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) priorities, Barrière enters into dialogue with all its teams. This participative management approach has one goal: to create an action plan together, applied by everyone in order to achieve a number of ambitious social and environmental aims.


Governance and Dialogue, Customer Relations, Responsible Employer, the Environment, and Local Development: the five components of "Planète Barrière" provided the focal point for the consultation launched in December 2015 which saw employees' contributions.


Uniting around the CSR approach


Every voice matters. From Housekeeper to General Manager to Slot Machine Technician, more than 160 people from Barrière contributed to this consultation. Responses were heard from the Board of Directors and 90% of Sustainable Development Representatives (SDR) and Sustainable Development Committees. This very high response rate is indicative of the approach's success. The aim? To identify the corporate priorities in order to create the 2015-2016 CSR policy.


Developing transparent and constructive dialogue


So as to ensure maximum involvement from all concerned parties, "Planète Barrière advocates participative management. We work on an interdepartmental level with all the Barrière's services," explains Clémentine Concas, Sustainable Development - CSR Director.


This voluntary and innovative approach is also applied within the Sustainable Development committees. Formed of the Sustainable Development Representative, the General Manager, the Human Resources Director, the Responsible Gaming Representative, the departmental heads, and all interested employees, these committees meet at least four times per year to define the initiatives to introduce in Barrière establishments and destinations.


Given its genuine desire for transparency, it intends to carry out this consultation every year to listen to the needs of all so as to act and succeed together.



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