Local development and solidarity

Playing a major role in day-to-day life, Barrière is committed to protecting biodiversity and the local areas in which it operates.

Heritage & Culture

The Barrière group is not only committed to protecting biodiversity; it also aims to support the local areas in which it operates. As these regions are a rich tapestry of know-how, heritage and culture, the group prides itself on promoting them by playing a major role in the day-to-day life of these communities.


As part of its local development policy, each Barrière establishment holds firm ties with regional stakeholders, thereby contributing to the dynamism of the economy and helping to preserve heritage and culture.



At the heart of the local economy


Defend and promote –  Barrière helps support the expertise of local artisans and small producers.  By buying local, Barrière establishments are helping to preserve this regional heritage. "Tables Barrière" restaurants give pride of place to locally grown seasonal produce directly sourced from regional suppliers, as well as organic produce whenever possible.


In addition to buying local, Barrière establishments are committed to injecting vitality into the economy by creating new jobs. Every year, the group creates many long-term and seasonal jobs, boosting the local economy and making it the largest employer in certain towns and cities.



Promoting heritage and culture


Preserve and enhance the local environment. Throughout the year, Barrière establishments are involved in protecting biodiversity, and they commit to carrying out at least one local action. Seaside properties pledge to protect the oceans by organising beach clean-ups, and raising awareness about marine biodiversity to customers and employees.


Groupe Barrière also incorporates three internationally renowned golf courses, covering a total surface area of 405 hectares. These natural settings are protected and looked after to encourage the development of biodiversity. At the Barrière International Golf Course in La Baule, more than 10,000 flower bulbs have been planted to maintain a natural environment that favours pollinating insects and enhances the beauty of the surroundings. These areas of nature grow back annually, for three to five years. 


Since supporting a region also means considering the men and women who live there, Barrière is committed to making culture accessible. This is a priority for the Group, which works to provide inhabitants with a varied cultural programme, under the  "Scènes Barrière " events and entertainment label. On a larger scale, each establishment also helps to support the local cultural policy.

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