Governance & Dialogue

Barrière thoroughly recognises the ethical and moral issues relating to fair business dealings.

Inspection and transparency

Barrière thoroughly considers the ethical and moral issues relating to fair business dealings. It strives to meet the expectations of all its stakeholders through constructive and transparent dialogue.


To operate ethically and transparently – through its comprehensive CSR approach, "Planète Barrière", Barrière hopes to be an exemplary figure in terms of environmental and social issues.


Certified governance


The soundness of the Barrière's governance was certified in 2015 by the French Auditing and Internal Inspection Institute (IFACI). This meant that Barrière became the first hotel and casino group to receive the label from the independent body.


This certification recognises the work of the Internal Auditing department, which works on a day-to-day basis to ensure that the procedures implemented in all the establishments and teams are respected: the implementation of a code of ethics; combating illegal work, money laundering and fraud; ensuring honest competition between service providers.


Open and cooperative dialogue


So as to involve all employees in the Barrière's approach, Planète Barrière launched a consultation in 2015 in order to create its CSR strategy together. In addition to the Board of Directors, 160 people from the Sustainable Development network contributed their views. The aim? To identify the priorities in the field to create the "Planète Barrière" action plan together. So as to implement these CSR actions, all the establishments hold at least four Sustainable Development committee meetings per year.


Through participative management and prioritising transparency, Barrière is committed to demonstrating its rigour and showing that it listens to the needs of its employees on a daily basis.

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