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The Group shows its innovation through its consumption, recycling and food use, promoting a circular economy and the installation of sustainable infrastructure.

Changing customs and habits to protect the environment, Barrière shows its innovation through its energy consumption, recycling and food use, promoting a circular economy and the installation of sustainable infrastructure.


As a key player in sustainable and responsible tourism, Barrière is committed to protecting the environment with its five focuses: reducing energy use, providing a healthy environment in our establishments, preserving biodiversity, promoting a circular economy, and encouraging sustainable eating. 


Innovative solutions for sustainable construction


Through innovation and investment, Barrière aims to reduce its energy use and promote sustainable construction. To save 18,285,670 kWh per year – the equivalent annual energy consumption of a town of 20,000 inhabitants – requires a number of innovative solutions.


At Hôtel & Ryads Barrière Le Naoura Marrakech, Barrière produces its own clean energy thanks to a biomass boiler, which uses broken-up olive stones as a fuel. The result: 139 tonnes of gas have been saved over two years.


At Resort Barrière Ribeauvillé, almost all heating needs are covered by an organic waste methanisation factory. This biogas facility, producing a 100% natural energy source, represents a sustainable economic model as it has created around fifteen new jobs.


Reduce, reuse, recycle – all Barrière destinations commit to not only sort their waste, but to promote the recovery of unused goods. For example, Barrière has developed an internal platform for reselling goods between establishments.


 Installation of beehives and locally-sourced food


Even the way we eat is key in respecting the environment. Responsible food use therefore concerns both fighting food waste and the development of a healthy, varied diet with a reduced carbon footprint. "Tables Barrière" now encourages the use of seasonal local produce, predominantly vegetables, as shown by the "Good for the Climate" menus during COP21 and the Sustainable Development week in June. This initiative is destined to be repeated and to become a permanent feature as some of the dishes have already found their way onto restaurant menus.


Barrière aims to promote a healthy and balanced diet that respects the environment while meeting the desires of all its customers. In response, it has created a number of vegetarian, gluten-free and organic recipes. The "Gétafix" detox cocktail of fresh fruit and vegetable juices can also be found on the menu at all the hotels and restaurants.


Barrière establishments also help to protect biodiversity closer to home. On a local level, it has committed to protecting pollination with the creation of fruit orchards, particularly in Ribeauvillé, and vegetable gardens, such as the aromatic herb gardens at Hôtels Barrière Le Fouquet’s Paris and Le Majestic Cannes and at Casino Barrière Nice. In 2019, thanks to the 70 beehives installed in the Barrière establishments, nearly 600 kg of nectar were collected, used into original dishes or given as a gift to guests. A constantly increasing production.

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