Executive Committee

The executive committee is made up of fourteen members, including Dominique Desseigne

Dominique Desseigne


Eric Cavillon, Managing Director, Casinos & Casino Development


André Decoutere, Group Human Resources Director


Christine Deloy, Group Managing Director Hospitality and Dining


Alexandre Desseigne-Barrière, Transformation Director


Laure du Manoir, Group Legal and Insurance Director


Philippe Perrot, Support Services Managing Director and Group Finance Director


Bruno Cagnon, Operational Managing Director, North and Switzerland


Emmanuel Caux, Operational Managing Director, Hospitality


Julien Huel, Dining Operational Managing Director (and Deputy Transformation Director)


Manuela Isnard-Seznec, Group Communications Director


Gilles Meillet, Casinos Development Director


David Parre, Operational Managing Director, West Casinos


Olivier Ponthieu, OD - Managing Director/ Responsible Director Casino Barrière Menton

Barrière Boutique

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