Marion Le Gall, Director of the Spas Diane Barrière Deauville

Marion Le Gall, Director of the Spas Diane Barrière Deauville, embodies the Barrière values, dedication and fulfilment of customer service on a daily basis.

Marion Le Gall, Directrice des Spas Diane Barrière Deauville

Guaranteeing guests' well-being, providing top-quality, bespoke treatments and managing a team of twenty people with a variety of skills. Every day, Marion Le Gall, Well-Being Director of the Spa Diane Barrière Deauville, embodies the Barrière values, commitment and efficiency in serving customers.


Passionate about taking on new challenges and travelling, Marion obtained a Master's in Business and a Spa Management diploma before setting sail as a therapist on a luxury cruise liner. Her desire to learn on the job saw her take up every opportunity before becoming manager of nine spas in New Zealand.


This experience led her next to running two 5-star spas in Deauville before becoming director of the Spas Diane Barrière Deauville in September 2016: Spa Diane Barrière at l’Hôtel du Golf, Spa Diane Barrière at Le Royal, and Spa Diane Barrière at Le Normandy.


My job

"It is quite varied. A spa director might be just as likely to work in a spa resort, a cruise ship, an urban spa, a hotel, on a plane... The main thing is to cultivate a good ethos within your team that includes self-leadership, passion, integrity, creativity and hospitality. I have to take the vision for the spa's future and come up with the guidelines for achieving it.

Finally, it is my job to ensure that the staff are sufficiently trained and skilled to provide top-quality treatments".


Prerequisites for running a Barrière spa

"Recognising true well-being: today's customer knows whether something is good, average or below par. They want to get results while they relax. Knowing how to deal with people: a talented team, ready to do whatever it takes to give customers the best treatments and ensure they are satisfied. Excellent management skills: no idea, no matter how wonderful, can work without rigorous management and a clear vision for how to develop it. And finally, applying 5-star standards in absolutely everything you do".


My advice

"You should be naturally interested in developing promising ideas that will grow, enjoy customer service and have a good sense of team spirit".  


What drives me

"Being there to help everyone feel good is a real passion of mine. People are at the heart of my work, which is also, first and foremost, a coaching job".


My career at Barrière

"Being part of a big French group which has real innovative ambition is a top motivation for me. Opening two innovative concepts in exceptional hotels in a beautiful location like Deauville was a huge challenge".


What does the Barrière Spirit mean to you?

"A growing culture of innovation in beautiful surroundings and, of course, representing French hospitality".


My fun fact

"Travelling and learning new languages are my biggest passions. I've been to more than 75 countries - I'm getting close to reaching my bucket list goal of 100 - and I observe the world avidly, but thoughtfully".

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