Laurence Hébert, Head of Housekeeping at Hôtel Barrière Le Fouquet’s Paris

We meet Laurence Hébert, Head of Housekeeping at Hôtel Barrière Le Fouquet’s Paris.

Quality control, stock management, customer relations and managing the chambermaids and laundry assistants: the position of Head of Housekeeping at an establishment like Le Fouquet’s entails a great number of tasks. Beyond her professional activities, Laurence Hébert quickly learned how to share the hotel's brand image with its clients and employees.


After a obtaining a technical training certificate in hospitality and catering, Laurence completed her training with two work placements abroad. After being a floor housekeeper at a number of luxury hotels, she joined a cleaning company as Site and Service Quality Manager. In late 2005, Le Fouquet’s was about to open. Laurence took her chance and successfully landed a job there. She was therefore able to proudly play a part in the opening of the hotel in late 2006.


My job


"I am the Head of Housekeeping. I welcome guests to the guest floor and I am responsible for the quality of service provided. Like the conducting an orchestra, I direct the members of a group of around 30 people. I am also in charge of the health and safety procedures.


The qualities of a housekeeper


"Rigour, flexibility and tact are all necessary qualities for managing a team effectively. You also have to have a keen sense for business and to successfully manage supplier finances.


My advice


"You should be attentive and vigilant on a day-to-day basis as everything comes down to the details!


My career at Barrière


"Since joining Barrière, I have climbed all the rungs of my profession. Le Fouquet’s is an iconic destination whose concept and French art of living are known internationally. So why not become the ambassador for this company by opening establishments abroad and passing on the Barrière Spirit? I know just how much it is sought after and appreciated.


What drives me


"On a personal level, I have always wanted to surpass myself, to do things better and to understand what went wrong in order to improve it. The exceptional working environment of Le Fouquet’s aside, I am lucky to have an incredible team who assist me every day with my tasks.


The Barrière Spirit


"The Barrière Spirit is formed of three key principles: legendary and prestigious locations; a French spirit based on tradition, elegance and refinement; and lastly a legend, a story. In a sector with a lot of international investors, we also stand apart from other hotel chains, who are leaning towards standardisation.


My fun fact


"Our aim is to ensure that guests are happy and content, and that they have an unforgettable time. We are there to make their dreams come true. So we were even once asked to help plan a marriage proposal. It was very moving!"

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