'Barrière makes long lasting well-being a reality'

Julie Desvaux, Hotel Division Marketing Manager

table de massage, Bien être,  Groupe Barrière

To provide long term benefits, release tension and rebalance the body’s vital energies - a simple yet effective trio behind the marketing mission that Barrière has entrusted to Julie Desvaux, and which she sums up as: long lasting well-being and better living. The aim is to show what a positive effect a stay in a Barrière hotel can have on the body and mind, and that it is an undeniable source of enjoyment.


The Group’s approach is based on three major cornerstones. 1. The expertise: both in terms of cosmetics and physical presence with therapists, nutritionists and personal trainers; 2. The setting: quality, comfort and luminosity of the areas; 3. A prestigious location and environment: with access to sports (golf, tennis, horse riding) and recreational activities such as casinos. Specific, personalised treatments, like those available at Enghien for example, just 25 minutes from Paris and the Champs Elysées, which offer guided deep breathing techniques exercises; balneotherapy at Ribeauvillé in the Alsace region; thalassotherapy beauty and well-being treatments by the sea in La Baule; "detox-fitness" in Deauville with the world’s first Aerial Wellbeing for the future ™ concept; not forgetting Paris, which we will never tire of, in the tranquil and comfortable surroundings of the Hôtel Le Fouquet's elegant and discreet 750 square metre spa.


Another concept: well-being and better living are activities in their own right, and it goes without saying that they should benefit from modern tools, including digital devices - to accompany you on your way to long lasting well-being. Soon, an individual plan will make it possible to measure the benefits of the Barrière Well-Being programme, ensuring they last until the customer’s next stay in one of our hotels thanks to a personalised follow-up.


Tools like this that will make it even easier to extol "Enghien’s healthy and preventative effect" or "La Baule’s energy boost effect", maintaining the Group’s authority in a field that is deeply rooted in its history, whilst using modern expertise and cutting edge technology. Julie Desvaux, Hotel Division Marketing Manager concludes: "The Barrière group ensures harmony. Faced with our customer demand and thanks to our teams’ expertise, the Barrière spirit makes long-lasting well-being a reality."