Sports left, right and centre with Barrière

With its sports concierge service, Barrière offers guests a whole host of new sports activities in four different Resorts. Shape up and recharge your batteries in an oasis of well-being.

Get the perfect body with a cardio session on the beach. Push yourself a bit, take time to recover then head for the steam room before taking a snow shower* to eliminate toxins. Sink into intense relaxation and top off the experience with a meditation session. This dream programme is provided by the new Barrière sports concierge service at Deauville, Ribeauvillé, Cannes and La Baule.


Clients are greeted by our sports concierge on arrival, who tells them all about the sports and well-being activities in the Resort: fitness, aqua gym, spa etc. The cherry on the cake has to be the signature group sessions designed for Barrière which are included in the cost of the stay and held in high season”, explains Julie Desvaux, the Group’s Hotel Marketing Manager.


Signature sessions include yoga, pilates, cardio and meditation, and you won’t find them anywhere else. We all know that physical exertion and peace of mind are essential to happiness and good health:


Sport is part of everyday life, so why stop when you go on holiday?” asks Julie. “We thought it essential to give people the opportunity in a fun, personalised way - in true Barrière style”.


A magical interlude


After a good workout, what else do you need to make your holiday sparkle like a glass of great champagne? The answer is easy: the piquant flavours of local cuisine, innovative treatments inspired by Chinese medicine** and thrilling evenings at the casino. In short: the recipe for a unique global Resort experience. What a magical interlude.


Ours is the promise of total well-being that lasts - because we focus on treatments, sport, nutrition and relaxation all at the same time. Customer service and giving people what they want is in our DNA”, continues the Marketing Manager.


Everything is designed for total peace of mind, and the kids are catered for too! As part of this tailor-made service, the sports concierge can also guide participants towards themed packages: chill-out, cardio and toning etc. Whether you want to relax, get in some exercise or put on some muscle, there’s something for everyone. Packages include one spa treatment, two sports activities and some special Barrière surprises. 


The new sports concierge service is available for the Spring holidays, the long bank holiday weekends in May and June and every day in July and August.



*in Barrière’s Ribeauvillé and Cannes Resorts

**at the Aerial Wellbeing For The FutureTM, Normandy Deauville