At Hotel Majestic Barrière Cannes, Paradiso Nicole et Pierre is more than a restaurant: it’s an adventure. Star Chef Pierre Gagnaire and the inspired Nicole Rubi give you a taste of the Mediterranean… and more.
Peter Fortham


Facing the Mediterranean on la Croisette, “Paradiso” is its own little corner of paradise. The establishment is a custom-made Majestic Barrière experience, created by a dynamic - and positively tasteful - duo: star Chef Pierre Gagnaire and Nicole Rubi (from La Petite Maison de Nicole). At No. 10 La Croisette, Paradiso Nicole et Pierre combines passion and freedom of taste. Their delightful dishes are bliss, thanks to Nicole’s great ideas and classic Gagnaire «twists», thus combining simplicity with excellence. «Nicole herself is the theme of our Mediterranean menu: it is welcoming and positively human...” says Pierre Gagnaire.

Paradiso Nicole et Pierre is a refreshing new face on la Croisette. The atmosphere and menu are full of truth, full of life, and its chefs are the most simplistic, generous and passionate of adventurers. Follow them in to their own little place in paradise