Planet & Responsibility

Date: 02/11/2016


To coincide with COP 22, held 7 - 18 November 2016 in Marrakech, the Barrière group is getting involved with various eco-friendly initiatives in Deauville and Marrakech.


Located at the heart of the Palmeraie in Marrakech, Hôtel & Ryads Barrière Le Naoura Marrakech has been selected by the Moroccan Minister of Tourism as one of the 10 hotels to trial environmentally-friendly practises during Cop 22. The exercise is designed to provide customers with data relating to the hotel's environmental impact. It is also designed to recommend action plans to help hoteliers save money, as well as the planet. Building on these findings, Le Naoura will then also be in a position to define its own plan of action to prioritise the most efficient practises and divide up the investments. These new practises will save money and help reduce its environmental impact. Eager to better define and control its environmental performance, the Group is as of now planning to roll this out to other establishments.


Being particularly committed to safeguarding the environment, Le Naoura is also producing a “Good for the Climate” menu. The chef and his team at La Naoura have been enlisted to create dishes according to some key criteria: seasonal, local and plant-based, in the interests of limiting the carbon footprint of meals served. It is an initiative that Morocco's Minister for Tourism hopes to develop at other establishments in Marrakech with help from La Naoura's chef and other Barrière group staff.

During COP 22, Resort Barrière Deauville will also be serving this sustainable and responsible menu at the restaurants attached to its three hotels. It will be available 7 - 12 November at the Lassay at L’Hôtel du Golf and the Côté Royal at Le Royal and 7 - 18 November at La Belle Epoque at Le Normandy.


“Responsible hospitality” is one of the key issues for Planète Barrière, which covers all the Group's CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Involved in CSR since 2010, Barrière is sensitive to the expectations of its guests, colleagues and suppliers regarding these issues, as well as to the new forms of responsible consumption being developed. Participating in this experience seemed like an obvious choice for Planète Barrière.



About Planète Barrière


Planète Barrière is the Group's corporate social responsibility initiative. Since its beginnings as an environmental programme in 2010 that earned ISO 14001 certification, Planète Barrière has evolved into a comprehensive CSR approach covering five areas: Governance & Dialogue, Customer Relations, Responsible Employer, The Environment, and Local Development.


Barrière strives to meet the expectations of all its stakeholders through constructive and transparent dialogue. On the ground, Planète Barrière is run by Sustainable Development Managers who work to uphold each of the commitments in our initiative: prioritise our Responsible Gaming policy, value employee diversity, reduce food waste, prioritise sustainable construction, and play a proactive role in the development of the regions in which we operate.

On a day-to-day basis, the innovative actions of the Group's employees are the driving force behind Planète Barrière: local acts of solidarity (volunteer firefighters in Ribeauvillé, collective grape harvests at Hôtel Le Fouquet’s Paris, developing beehives on the roofs, etc.)



About Barrière


Founded in 1912 by François André and subsequently developed by Lucien Barrière, Diane Barrière-Desseigne and Dominique Desseigne, the Barrière group has lived through history to become the leading French brand for casinos, a model for luxury hotels, and a global player in Leisure and Entertainment.


The Group has developed unparalleled offers in the world of high-end leisure, founded on a commitment to operational excellence, quality of service and the French art of living. Today, the Group includes: 33 Casinos Barrière (including 1 opening soon in Abidjan), 17 Hôtels Barrière (the majority of which are 5 star hotels), and over 120 restaurants and bars, including the famous Le Fouquet’s in Paris (also in Cannes, La Baule, Marrakech and Toulouse), putting on over 3,000 shows and events per year as well. Revenue for the year ended 31 October 2015 was 1.21 billion euros. The Group has almost 7,000 employees.


The Group also benefits from a strong reputation in the catering industry with almost 2 million meals served; in the leisure sector with its 13 spas (Cannes, Courchevel, Deauville, Dinard, Enghien-les-Bains, La Baule, Le Touquet, Lille, Marrakech, Paris and Ribeauvillé), 1 thalassotherapy centre in La Baule and 1 balneotherapy centre in Ribeauvillé, its 3 golf courses and 2 tennis clubs (over 32 clay courts); and is distinguished by its Resorts located in internationally-renowned tourist destinations.