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About Barrière

Barrière is the Brand under which the hotels and casinos of two different groups, Groupe Lucien Barrière (GLB) and Société Fermière du Casino Municipal de Cannes (SFCMC) are marketed.


Founded in 1912 by François André and subsequently developed by Lucien Barrière, Diane Barrière-Desseigne, and Dominique Desseigne, Barrière has thrived over the decades to become the leading French casino brand and a benchmark for luxury hotels. Barrière has developed services that are unparalleled in the leisure and entertainment industry, founded on operational excellence, high-quality service and the French art of living.


Barrière currently has 34 Casinos Barrière*, 18 Hôtels Barrière** (most of which are 5 star) and over 120 restaurants and bars, including the famous Fouquet’s in Paris (with off-shoots in Cannes, Courchevel, La Baule, Marrakech, Toulouse and Enghien-les-Bains).


It puts on over 3,000 shows and events a year. The two Group's turnover was €1.16 billion on 31 October 2016 and it employs almost 7,000 people.


Barrière enjoys great renown in the restaurant industry, with over 2 million meals served anually, and in the leisure industry.


With 15 spas, 4 treatment centres (1 Thalassotherapy Centre in La Baule, 1 Balneotherapy Centre in Ribeauvillé, Les Thermes and the aesthetic medicine centre in Enghien-les-Bains), 3 golf courses and 2 tennis clubs, Barrière is also very concerned with Sport and Well-being.


Barrière plays a major role in high-end leisure and entertainment and the internationally renowned locations of its Resorts have earned Barrière an unrivalled reputation.


* A second one opening soon in Cairo
** In 2018 Barrière will open Le Carl Gustaf St Barth