Local development

Playing a major role in day-to-day life, Barrière is committed to protecting biodiversity and the local areas in which it operates.

Heritage & Culture

The Barrière group is not only committed to protecting biodiversity; it also aims to support the local areas in which it operates. As these regions are a rich tapestry of know-how, heritage and culture, the Group prides itself on promoting them by playing a major role in the day-to-day life of these communities.


As part of its local development policy, each Barrière establishment holds firm ties with regional stakeholders, thereby contributing to the dynamism of the economy and helping to preserve heritage and culture.


At the heart of the local economy


Defend and promote – the Barrière group helps support the know-how of local artisans and small producers. By stepping up local procurement with Pomona Terre Azur et Marée, Barrière establishments are preserving this regional heritage. "Tables Barrière" gives pride of place to locally grown seasonal produce directly sourced from regional suppliers.


In addition to buying local, Barrière establishments are committed to injecting vitality into the economy by creating new jobs. Such is the case for the 12 new employees recruited by Agrivalor for the installation and management of the biomass boiler at Resort Barrière Ribeauvillé. The establishments also participate in local and regional job fairs, and welcome new apprentices and trainees every year. 


Promoting heritage and culture


Preserve and enhance – Barrière establishments are involved in applying the Agenda 21 action plan in the areas where they operate. Casino Barrière Le Touquet employees have helped to raise awareness of beach pollution among school children by holding a clean-up operation. Since 2009, those from Fouquet’s Paris have been taking part in solidarity harvesting in the Haut-Médoc. Initially intended to benefit the reforestation of the Landes d'Armagnac, the auction of this special vintage now finances many other sustainable development projects such as the creation of two centers for children and young people or the purchase of a minibus for 'children with reduced mobility.


Since supporting a region also means considering the men and women who live there, Barrière is committed to making culture accessible. This is a priority for the Group, which works to provide inhabitants with a varied cultural programme thanks to "Barrière Entertainment". On a larger scale, each establishment also helps to support the local cultural policy.

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