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Disability, responsible gaming and sustainable tourism... With its CSR approach, Planète Barrière, the Group is actively meeting customers' expectations.

With its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach, Planète Barrière, Barrière is committed to meeting its customers' expectations. It has long led a number of concrete actions in the areas of disability, sustainable tourism and Responsible Gaming as part of its long-term involvement.


Barrière's customer relations requirements are embodied by four focuses: the responsible management of these relations, accessibility to all of its services, sharing its comprehensive approach, and a Responsible Gaming programme.


Listening to customers and adapting to their needs


So as to ensure excellent customer relations, Barrière is investing in managing the quality of its services and continually measures customer satisfaction. To do so, it regularly consults its customers through questionnaires and organises mystery visits of its establishments.


In addition to adapting its establishments to people with reduced mobility, Barrière offers a tourist programme specially designed for people with disabilities so that they can make the most of their stay. At Hôtel Barrière Lille and Resort Barrière Ribeauvillé, the quality of the facilities and employee training have been awarded the Tourism and Disability mark which recognises their capacity to welcome guests with disabilities.


Sharing commitment with customers


Sensitise and mobilise – these two focuses were chosen to include customers in Barrière's responsibility approach. It achieves this through various operations, such as the annual poker tournament in Carry le Rouet, the proceeds of which go towards the reforestation of the Côte Bleue and help to fund local Sustainable Development projects. Customers are also encouraged to participate in the Bottle Cap Marathon and the "Creative Recycling" competition at Bénodet.


Barrière promotes the use of responsible services, in particular by encouraging customers to use low-impact modes of transport by providing bicycles and installing electric recharging stations at its establishments. At Casino Barrière Toulouse, customers with a gold or black loyalty card are able to recharge their vehicle free of charge year-round. These measures encourage our customers to take part in our approach.


Helping players to embrace responsible gaming


While Barrière wishes to encourage its customers to participate in collective commitments, it also prides itself on listening to their concerns and providing them with assistance when they personally need it. With its experience and unique expertise in the gaming sector, Barrière is one step ahead as far as this topic is concerned. By designing an all-encompassing, innovative and unique approach, it was the first in France to address the issue of excessive gambling.


Since 2004, it has gradually built a very comprehensive Responsible Gaming plan centred on Responsible Gaming representatives in each establishment and a number of dedicated tools. For example, the unique concept in France of Voluntary Limitation of Access (LVA), a contract signed between the player and Barrière, governs the customer's monthly visits to casinos. The website, created in 2009, also helps to prevent excessive gambling. As they have received training in identifying those at risk, employees can put these individuals in contact with specialised partners so as to ensure optimal guidance. These measures help to ensure that gaming stays fun.

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